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Smiley Pies is featured on the Cooking Channel show Food Truck Nation season 2 , episode 3. We were picked for our one of a kind hand pies. Our creativity is off the charts.

Check out Chef Brad Miller and Smiley Pies Chef Neil Lake as we prepare Smiley Pies.


ABOUT the owner and Chef Neil Lake

Chef and co-owner Neil Lake comes from a culinary family. His dad was an amazing chef along with his mom. Working during summer break from school at the age of 13, Chef Neil’s dad would take him to the restaurant and after scrubbing all the pots he would teach him the technique and skill of cooking. His mom still is a big influence in how he cooks to this day. Early on showing him how to always be creative and to not look at things the same as everyone else when it comes to food or life. This combination of proper technique and creativity is what Smiley Pies is all about.  

ABOUT the owner                       Al Croteau

Co-owner and “Sweet Smiley Guy” Al Croteau has always found the kitchen to be a place of comfort. As a young adult he taught himself how to cook, sometimes traveling to the Jersey shore for fresh seafood to prepare a special meal for his family. After marrying and moving to Las Vegas, his interest in cooking evolved into a love for baking. This craft,with its precision of weights and measures, complimented his personality in which “there is a place for everything and everything in its place.”

Influenced by his father-in-law who was a cake baker and pastry chef and inspired by some of his recipes, Al now shares his joy for putting smiles on the faces of his friends and family with Smiley Pies Fans. His mantra continues to be “Good things come to those who bake!.



My birthday party was such a great experience! I can’t thank you enough for paying attention to all the little things that really made the Smiley Pies special for me. I’m looking forward to celebrating many more birthdays with you.


Adam Barnes

The Smiley Pies I had last week was excellent – and the staff are all so polite and knowledgeable. Most restaurants don’t put that much focus on giving customers what they really want. I’ll be back again.


Jennifer Cook


Let Us Serve You

Birthday Goodies

Is it your Birthday or anniversary? Come on out to our location where we are serving and let us know the occasion. One dessert Smiley Pie will be on us.


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