Our Changing Menu

There’s Always Something New to Try

Ingredients that are used out of season will always leave you wanting. That’s why we use only the best ingredients to create a fabulous menu of Hand Pies. By using the best ingredients that we can find, our hand pies are never lacking in flavor and appeal. We shift our menu to insure our fillings are always fresh and flavorful.

We are always thinking outside the box when it comes to hand pies. Instead of asking what are we supposed to put in a hand pie we ask ourselves what can we put in our Smiley Pies and find ways to bring you a unique and one of a kind eating experience. 

Our hand crafted, small batch approach insures quality and freshness with an innovative spins on foods we already know and love.




The Finest hand pies you will ever EXPERIENCE

True street food like no other

Nobody could’ve predicted how popular Smiley Pies would become when they began trending on the culinary scene 6 years ago.

Street Food isn’t just a passing fashion, it’s a new way of experiencing the age-old relationship between a community and its food. It has its own roots and Smiley Pies has reinvented hand pies in new ways that are innovative, surprising, practical and, above all, delicious.

If you’re looking for something different, but not so different that you don’t necessarily know what it is, eating at Smiley Pies is like a small adventure.

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